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  • Client:PROCARGO
  • Location:Mohammedia Harbor
  • Project duration:1 Day
  • Year:2015

Thickness measurement of a discharge pipe at MOHAMMEDIA

In 2015, OSS carried out an inspection and several thickness measurements on a metal pressure pipe on behalf of PROCARGO Logistics.

These pipes were used for the discharge of materials dredged by the ROHDE NIELSEN company before the installation of the Sidi Bernoussi outfall.

The purpose of this operation was to determine pipes conditions before use. Indeed, during dredging, the material carried along erodes the interior of the pipes as they are moved. This slight but regular wear and tear can eventually cause the pressure line to break.

Therefore, it is important to regulary monitor this type of installation and to be able to determine life expectancy of the material and to renew it in case of important wear and tear.

To perform this type of underwater inspection, it is essential to have a special waterproof device called an « Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge »

We then measure the thickness of the pipe over its entire length, also known as « Residual stress measurements in steel pipes ». Finally, once this work has been completed, it is possible to determine whether there are any weak points and their positions, by comparing the thickness measures with the original ones

The challenges

  • Carry out all the necessary surveys over the course of a day.
  • Prepare and send a detailed report at the same time, allowing the client to make a quick decision.

The outcome

The operation was carried out on time, allowing ROHDE NIELSEN to know the state of its discharge pipe.