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  • Client:SOMAGEC
  • Location:Kenitra
  • Project duration:2 Days
  • Year:2015

Marine salvage of a pile off the coast of Kenitra

In the summer of 2015, SOMAGEC mandated OSS to proceed with the recovery of a 60 tonnes pile off the coast of KENITRA. The pile felt from a Jack-up platform

We had to act quickly to refloat it to avoid any risk of losing it in case of bad weather.

For this type of underwater work, we have at our disposal a capacity of 300 Tons of parachute lift. We thus quickly mobilised all our resources on a tugboat, made available by SOMAGEC, in the harbor of Kenitra.

The operation was carried out as follows :

We sailed to the recovery area.

Then, we installed the inflating device to refloat the pile.

Once the tow line was installed, we adjusted the buoyancy and the draught of the pile.

Finally, we towed the pile to the port of KENITRA. A part of the navigation was done through the Oued SEBOU.

The challenges

  • Mobilize all human and material resources in less than 48 hours to KENITRA.
  • Being efficient all along the installation, inflation and transfer phase of the pile.

The outcome

The operation took place on time and the pile has been safely recovered by SOMAGEC.